Announcements WKI:

2014, APRIL - The "WKI2 Studio Gallery" GRAND OPENING was a great success and I want to "THANK" everyone who made it out to the show.   The WKI2 Gallery is operating out of Downtown Sacramento on 16th & K Street, Unit 2 (1614 K Street).  The next show will be, an extension of our GRAND OPENING, so make sure you make it part 2...

5/10/14 Gallery Exhibit - "Untitled So Far"                                                                Resident Artists - Wes Kos Images / Art By T /

To date WKI has had three historic "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tours" have been completed with great positive feedback (Gallery VIEWER Testimonials / Gallery SITE HOST Testimonials) but I need for more of the good folks of Sacramento to see this in action and in person, take the tour and spread the word.  Next Gallery Tour Date TBA, (due to studio gallery opening) hopefully the newspaper story will make to print soon!!!  The writer took the tour, the story was written but now up to the editors, we'll see how it goes.

In addition, the next phases of LTC's "The Arena Castle" are well along the way, development on the 2nd level of the arena.  Also, WKI's is completed with the conceptual design of The Encina "GRIT DREAM" Mural Production, Phase I.  WKI will be keeping everyone posted on that project development soon after the next gallery tour event has passed.

I still get feedback on this article it continues to get referred, WKI/I would like to THANK ALL THOSE who have read the Sacramento Bee Write Up.  It was a great feature on how they captured the YMCA mural appearance, meaning and values.

NEW stuff to share.  Check out the latest materials:

Brochure Murals Outside
Brochure Murals Inside

Brochure Signs & Logos Outside
Brochure Signs & Logos Inside

Brochure Mural Tour Outside
Brochure Mural Tour Inside

Announcements NEW:


The 1st, 2nd & 3rd "WKI Sacramento Mural Tour" were a great success and looking forward to the next!!!

2nd Saturday Art Day
Tour B Rescheduled for Studio Gallery Opening

It finally happened, Lets continue to make it happen!!!  Be a part of it!!  WKI Public Artistic History / Message Inspiration / Mural Appreciation in Sacramento (see below or side menu link for further info)


The new Encina Preparatory High School mural is in "creative development" and will be ready for 2014 spring/summer on-site production.  This 2,500 sq. ft. mural is going to represent the community with a "Dream Opportunists Pro-Educational Choice Message".  Located in the quad as a visual center point of the schools educational mission.




Filming Complete!!!  WKI is on a design team for DIY NETWORK - YARDCORE Production site adding some artwork to the overall design.  Looking forward to the TV time once again.  These projects are very exciting to be a part of.  WKI will keep folks informed and let you know, when we know.  This was a different kind of show, WKI was really didn't have much verbal air time but we'll see how the editing goes.  Filming dates were December 19th & 20th, 2013.  WKI hopes that everyone has seen the 2013 television debut on the very DIY NETWORK - YARD CRASHERS  "Retro Chic" episode, filmed, November 2012.

Announcements YMCA:

WKI has completed the "UnderWater Y" WKI Community Mural Project @ YMCA Downtown Sacramento Central and would like to "THANK EVERYONE" who made it out to either of the two public unveiling ceremonies, especially the super duper cold evening on Friday, December 6th.

I personally would like to thank all those who had something to cool to say over FB, personal emails or just in person about the Sacramento Bee write up.  Very cool, that they came out to capture the mural's beauty and design in such descriptive words. 

Mural located in the inner side of the pool outside lobby area.  This 112' x 9' / 1000sf production is a WKI Community Mural Project and donated for the members of the YMCA and surrounding community.  Also, this is the beginning starting point to the "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour" OR take your Self-Guided mural gallery tour please see links below and for your Guided "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour" Next Dates TBA).

Announcements LTC:

WKI is always in production at Lasertag of Carmichael.  WKI has a lot happening with "The Carmichael Castle" (overall title) three sections are ongoing on but only one large section at a time. (A) "The Festive Castle" (Shown Below) / (B) "The Lobby Castle" / (C) "The Arena Castle" (Shown Below).  You just have to come see all the new updates happening in the arena, so much to see.  Winter productions happening soon!!!!

WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tours:

2nd Saturday Art Day
3/8/14 Tour A @ 9am-12pm & 1:00pm-4:00pm (8 sites)
Tour B @ 11am-3pm (12 sites)

Limo-Guided "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tours" are of selected WKI productions on 8 to 12 mural and creative painting sites (see list below).  This a 40 mile distance tour traveling through various communities in Sacramento.  Gallery Tour begins in Midtown Sacramento travels to Land Park, Hollywood Park, South Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Arden Arcade and Carmichael. (see map below) Once on site, viewers may/can exit the limo and walk site for an up close look and further hear presentation of the selected public artworks.  Some of these sites have multiple pieces on one site.

Limo-Guided "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour" will transport you and 8 to 12 other guests to experience a "one-of-a-kind" WKI Public Art Event.  As art appreciators, you will be receiving a full presentation, meeting with the artist, seeing details up close and hearing "The Stories" and inspiration behind these WKI Sacramento Public Art Projects (projects not commissioned through SMAC or the Art In Public Places process).  Knowing the information, the creative artistic development, of how these messages came to be and other details of some of these "larger-than-life" productions (100sf-10,000sf).  It will bring a new appreciation to these types of hand painting creative works.

Limo-Guided "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour Events" pricing are set to cover limo and associated costs.  The Limo-Guided event is currently priced at $40.00 per seat/person, RSVP and a "Non-Refundable" advance payment is required.  If your not able to attend, your "Non-Refundable Ticket" will be donated to students/viewers that may not be able to afford the standard cost of tour.  You will receive a donation letter acknowledgement for your generosity and sponsorship.  ($$$) If I/we personally do not know you or have not worked with you in the past, an arrangement of advanced payment will have to be made (I'm positive you understand).  WKI is working on PayPal account for future BUT for now, this is a cash transaction please - for your advanced deposit, you'll receive an email/text conformation - we will accommodate meeting arrangements to acquire deposit - please contact via email to begin your "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour" interest, questions and process

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Gallery Brochure Outside
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Self-Guided "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery" Tours A & B
Listed above are links to viewed or downloadable sheets/brochure information for your WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour.  These are selected Wes Kos Images' Murals and Creative Paintings.  This 40 mile long (Tour A is 3 hours & Tour B is 4 hours) is a journey that takes you from Downtown Sacramento to surrounding neighborhoods and communities of Sacramento.  The tour begins in Midtown Sacramento travels to Land Park, Hollywood Park, South Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Arden Arcade and Carmichael.  Productions of various types of messages per host site locations - productions are on various schools, apartments and businesses.  Productions took place between 1999-2013 with location #12 in current production starting in spring of 2014.  (Guided "WKI Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour" Next Dates TBA).

Announcements Press:

Listed are web links to be reviewed from various press organizations.  I/WKI is very honored to be featured in each of these current writes ups, I/WKI appreciates the writers who come out to see the work.

(Write ups below are about WKI and/or WKI Productions)

The Sacramento Bee - Our Region Section (December 8, 2013) - Artist of the Month (May 2013)

San Juan Unified School District - Cameron Ranch Elementary (October 13, 2013)

Sacramento Press - The "RIO MUSIC" Project (May 2013)

(The write up below only shows a WKI Community Mural Image & Visual Impact Quote)

The Sacramento Bee - Neighborhood Reality Story - (February 3, 2013)

The Sacramento Bee - Gallery Images - "WKI Visual Impact" (pic 23 of 24)

(A write up on a WKI Community Mural Project & one of the reasons I donated to this community mural - MATCH a WKI Mural Production to the RIO Music Program )
San Juan Unified School District - The "RIO MUSIC" Project (February 2013)

San Juan Unified School District - Jazz Band Program (February 2013)

Announcements Add'l Works:
2013 School Projects --

Cameron Ranch Elementary Logo - 4333 Hackberry Lane.                                    2013 - 9'x7'

"Givens' Grove" Honoree Logo - 7300 Kara Drive                                                  2013 - 9'x9'

-- 2013 Residence Projects --

"DinoJoe" - Private Residence                                                                                  2013 - 40'x6'

-- DIY Network Yard Crashers --

"Retro Chic" - Residence Homeowners / Host: Matt Blashaw & ME                                         2013 - 20'x8'